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Remote System Administration

What is remote sys admin and why do I need it?

Every Lawson client needs a system administrator. Depending on the size of your shop, you probably have at least one person dedicated to solving the inevitable technical problems that come up. Not to mention the Unix system administrators, or the database gurus. These employees are expensive and may or may not be the best in their field.

The idea behind remote system admin is that we get the best talent available and pool their strengths to provide service for multiple customers. When you sign up for our service an expert is assigned to you to handle your day to day needs. If something goes wrong you know that not only do you have a dedicated professional there to help you through the issue but he also has the support of the other in house experts which can all come to focus on your issues if need be.

Here are some of the key benefits of remote admin
  • 24/7 support available
  • Multiple expert administrators available to help with your problems
  • Lower cost than employing a full time Lawson system administrator on site
  • On site support availble for a predetermined fee should an emergency arise
  • Continous system monitoring and proactive solutions

With the high bandwidth available on todays networks and a standard phone line support can be just as effective next door as it can across the country.

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