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Lawson Installation

Trust your Lawson install to experts. We have successfully completed Lawson installations all over the US for companies of all sizes. We prefer to have someone on site to do the install, but if your budget doesn't allow for that we can actually do the install over a VPN. Whatever your need give us a call.

Installation usually can be done in three days for a standard Lawson install. If you have also purchased the web products this will require more time.

Installation is included in the Platinum service contract.

Lawson Upgrades

If you haven't upgraded to 7.3.3 now it the time! We can help. We have completed many successful upgrades from various leveles and can help you avoid the pitfalls that await.

LawsonTechs is a consulting and staffing company dedicated to providing you with the right people for the job. We are not Lawson Software